ee - koo - yuk ៸៸ minecraft builder ~ cim and cit creator


gender: male
pronouns: he/him
birthday: september 15

I like to draw, edit, and to read. I also like to play games like Tekken, Valorant, and Genshin Impact.

(I also like bread)


gender: male
pronouns: cat
birthday: september 15

I eat
I sleep
I always stare at a corner
I hate my owner

copper is ikuyuk's cat, you can always see him on my head or in my watermark.


frequently asked questions about ikuyuk.


It's pronounced as; ee - koo - yuk or ee - koo - yook. not eye-kuyuk or any other pronunciation.

? what device are you using when playing minecraft?

Since I own both bedrock and java edition, I use a Android phone and a Laptop ---
The android that I usehttps://www.gsmarena.com/tecno_spark_6_air-10548.php
The laptop that I usehttps://villman.com/Product-Detail/Lenovo_520-14_i5-8250U

? What editing programs do you use?

I use many editing apps/software but I mainly use; Ibis paint X and GIMP to edit my minecraft screenshots
Alight motion, PowerDirector, and After effects for video editing.

? Will you ever do commissions?

I do model requests if people boosted my discord server. In the near future, I plan to extend it through patron so that I may truly earn money. For build commissions, maybe in the near future.

? How did you and your cat have the same birthday?

We had owned a tabby cat who was similar to Copper before all of this happened/before Copper was adopted. He had my undying love. He passed away from illness on September 15, 2020 —my birthday. After my birthday, we discovered Copper the next day as a stray infant at the side of my house. Perhaps reincarnation?

minecraft faq

discover what resource, shader, mod packs ikuyuk are using.


minecraft java + optifine - 1.16 ~ 1.18

minecraft bedrock - 1.19

moondrop cit

a food themed cit pack.

moondrop is a bedrock addon that got ported to minecraft java edition!
this CIT pack contains Food, Kitchen stuff, baking items etc.


ikuyuk's hats

a wearable cit pack

ikuyuk's hats is a wearable cit pack for minecraft java. made by ikuyuk on 1/07/22. use it along side with mizuno's16craft.


moondrop be

bedrock edtition - food addon

moondrop for bedrock is postponed, due to my busy life. I've been working on it if I have a spare time. Join my discord, I'm releasing its beta builds for you to try it out before the official release!


whole cake

wholecake4 - new model for moondropcraft

Released at ikuyuk's and his cat' copper's birthday, 9/15/22. ikuyuk made a cake exclusively for moondropcraft's planned upcoming update - new model called wholecake4.this demo pack is available for bedrock and java edition.


Botanic Collection

A flower resource pack

Ikuyuk's Botanic Collection is influenced by flowers found in nature, particularly garden and wild flowers. These include blooms like lavender, daffodils, and pansies, among others.Ikuyuk's Botanic Collection changes the Minecraft poppy and a few other flowers into new or modified varieties.